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Performance Marketing: Complete Guide

What Is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is a set of processes that includes various online marketing and advertising programs and the advertisers make the payment only when required action is completed; such as a sale, lead or click.

What are the Benefits of Performance Marketing in Dubai?

  • Performance marketing Dubaiis a relatively new concept and it has the following benefits:
  • It is easy to track performance
  • The risk is low
  • ROI-focused

The primary advantage of performance marketing is that it’s 100% measurable. As a result of new technologies and innovative advertising platforms, all of your campaign metrics are monitored and reported to you.

Along with better tracking, performance marketing focuses on the ROI, which reduces the risk for the advertiser. With reduced risk, there are more opportunities for quicker launch.

Usually, the advertiser pays a fee in advance for ad space irrespective of the performance. That could mean hundreds to thousands of dollars spent without ever seeing a conversion.

However, performance marketing saves a lot of money as the payment is made only for successful conversions.

Measuring Success

ROI or Return on Investment tells you how successful any ad campaign was. There are several ways to track ROI and most of them include digital marketing tools.

It is very important to monitor ROI frequently, but allow enough time for a particular campaign to show some results.

The Evolution of Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Dubai has evolved over the years due to new technologies and changing consumer behaviours. In the modern performance-driven world, digital marketing is all about “reaching the ideal people, on the ideal device, and at the ideal moment.”

With a steep rise in the number of smartphone users, the businesses and digital marketers aim to target the audience through their mobile. It is a smart move as nobody wishes to turn on their PC just to surf the internet.

Due to this change in preferences, SEM and SEO professionals have abandoned their preferred techniques. Similarly, search engine optimization professionals who onlydepended on keyword optimization and link building have started looking for ways to generate engaging high-quality content.

Additionally, search engine marketers have started learning to create more complex and enhanced campaigns. They have also started looking for ways to optimize for mobile, and leverage PLAs.


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